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April 29: Sydney Mobile .Net Developers Group: Build 2014 and Cross Platform Visual State Management

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Date: April 29th (please be aware that the date will be changing NEXT month to avoid clashes with other, broader based .Net groups)

Location: North Sydney - please note the new venue on the registration page



Nick Randolph of Built to Roam, Microsoft MVP and Author of multiple books on Visual Studio and Windows Phone will be presenting on the following:


A quick lap around the announcements from BUILD 2014 as they apply to the Windows platform, and some information on the upcoming community events here in Australia

Cross platform Visual State Management

Blend for Visual Studio makes it easy to define visual states for Windows platform applications. In this session you’ll learn the basics of declaring and using visual states in XAML based applications. You’ll see that you can do visual state management within your view model, making it possible to reuse the same logic across multiple platforms using Xamarin.


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    First of all, huge thanks to both Nick Randolph for presenting, and to Craig Dunn for flying all the way from San Francisco to present! *

    We started with the usual introductions and news items.

    The presentation is here:

    Nick Randolph of Built to Roam gave an excellent summary of Build 2014 covering the points relevant to Windows Phone and Windows 8 - particularly the new Universal project and corresponding changes.

    Nick's presentation is here:

    The food then arrived, and arrived, and arrived, and we decided to skip straight to Craig Dunn's presentation. He gave a great overview of Xamarin and went into code to show different ways of architecting a cross platform app. He also presented an interesting take on the PCL vs Linked Files approaches to code sharing.

    Craig's presentation is here:

    Craig finished off by demo'ing the Xamarin T-Shirt app, showing us all how to order a T-shirt. I'm assuming that everyone will be wearing one next time! :o)

    We also had a number of lucky prize winners taking away Nokia bottle openers, Pluralsight subscriptions and a T-shirt, a licence for Phone Elements - the library of Windows Phone controls from Mindscape, as well as some $50 vouchers for Mindscape's Raygun Xamarin component subscriptions.

    Please note the date change for these meetups from here on in - we're moving to the SECOND Tuesday of each month. The next meetup will be on the 13th of May. I'll post details shortly.

    • Craig may have also had some other plans for his time here :o)
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    ...and the Xamarin monkey giveaway. How could I forget the monkey?!

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