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Xamarin.Mobile is incompletely cross-platform?

Looking about Xamarin.Mobile i've could find only different assemblies for each platform. Is there some common library that can be used in a portable assembly? Without such one it seems to me it has almost no benefits (excepting reducing platforms learning but I don't take it into account), if I anyway need to use platform specific libraries for hardware functions. Surely I can use referenced code files but it seems to be some ugly fix.


  • nodoidnodoid GBMember, Beta ✭✭✭

    If the library is PCL, then it should run on any of the mobile platforms. However, due to the different ways the different platforms work, it is sometimes required to bundle the same library but compiled twice (for android and iOS).

    For hardware, this is especially the case. With Android you can do pretty much what the heck you like with the device; as long as you have the correct permission, you can do it. iOS is the complete reverse to this. All Xam.Mobile does is provide a common interface to do common jobs (so for geolocation, it will map to CLLocation on iOS and the equivalent on android). For this to work though, there must be a different "glue" layer for the different platforms.

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