Debugging with Visual Studio 2012 is not working

danieljonesdanieljones USMember, Beta

I am having no luck deploying to the iPhone Simulator 6.1 from Visual Studio 2012. I also had to do the cache reset mentioned in other posts to get debugging to work again in Xamarin Studio.


  • AaronHavensAaronHavens USMember

    I also had this problem. This thread pointed out that you need to make sure to setup the Application name and other values in your project configuration before it would work. After I did this it fixed my problems.

  • danieljonesdanieljones USMember, Beta

    Thanks. I actually tried updating the application name and version, but that wasn't enough.

  • ViniciusJarina.0630ViniciusJarina.0630 BRXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @danieljones

    Could you try this:

    (please ensure your Mac and your Windows are activated)

  • danieljonesdanieljones USMember, Beta

    It's working now. The sdk update seemed to work on Win8 VS2012 when running as my normal user account. The last step before the debug was the issue. The application name and version were updated, but I didn't have anything in the identifier field.

  • ViniciusJarina.0630ViniciusJarina.0630 BRXamarin Team Xamurai

    Thank you @danieljones :)

  • WouterHibmaWouterHibma NLMember, University

    Thank you very much, that helped me too. The SDK was already updated, but I still had the problem. But when I Filled the Application name, Identifier and Version on iOS Application page it worked.

  • JoergBattermannJoergBattermann DEMember, Beta, University

    This happened to me, too.. and Jarina's steps did solve it for me, too - however this is not self-explanatory and happens over and over again which does not make sense to me. Is this already filed as a bug? At least some sort of indicator/warning message should show up and also no project should be run'able without the 3 bare necessary fields (app id, name etc) filled out.

    But nevertheless - thanks! :)


  • oscar.5802oscar.5802 USMember

    I have a problem with xamarin and visual studio.

    I have tried all in the forums.

    I have pair xamarin and VS correctly but when i'm going to to debug a simple hello world
    application, is like the aplication close by itself and any breakpoint works.

    the only thing that i can see is a message telling me "Start debugging session" and then "Debugging session ended", nothing happens. i have configured all in the application section,
    Name, identifier and version, also set the sdk target in 7.0 with no results. also i have tried with a device like an ipad, and the iphone simulator configuration.

    I don't know what to do. please help!!!


  • babita.0218babita.0218 USMember

    i had debug the Iphone default helloworld application in VisualStudio 2012.i had pair with MAC device and its working in Iphone simulator but when i connect it to real device to the mac and then i compile i dnt find any error but when i debug the code i get an error "Build Failed" please help me out....

  • amilleramiller USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @babita.0218‌,

    If you have a provisioning profile for the device you are trying to deploy to, can you check for the mtbserver.log file located on the Mac Build Host in the following directory?:


    Also, are you able to deploy to the device from Xamarin Studio on the Mac Build Host? Or does the build fail from there as well?

  • babitababita INMember

    i had deployed my iphone application in mac using xamarin i get an error stating "no valid iphone code signing keys found in keychain" how to solve this problem

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