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MonkeyTalk / MonoTouch (and Mono for Android)

Erik.GoverdeErik.Goverde NLMember, University

Hello! I've been looking into (multi-platform) automated testing tools for our mobile applications and one of the better solutions I found was the open-source MonkeyTalk. However, this software needs to be integrated with the apps it needs to test (by including a library).

It seems this cannot be done at this point (as it relies on an objective-C environment, not sure about the Android library). Am I correct in this assumption and if so, how difficult would it be for Xamarin to make this integration possible (I have no idea how the compiling process currently works)?

Below the documentation on how MonkeyTalk integrates with XCode and Android:

Alternatively, any recommendations on other (preferably multi-platform) testing tools that work with MonoDevelop?


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