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Can't set GADRequest.Request.TestDevices

The component was working fine, but hen I started to get "no ad to show" errors and it's not working anymore. i'm suspecting that maybe my devices have been locked by adMob (not sure if this is the problem).
I'm setting the TestDevices property like this:
GADRequest.Request.TestDevices = new string[2] {

But after this line of code GADRequest.Request.TestDevices is still null. Why is that?


  • JorgeLimaJorgeLima USMember

    I'll anwser this one emyself:
    The problem is that GADRequest.Request is a getter that always creates a new object!
    So i did:

    GADRequest request = GADRequest.Request;
    request.TestDevices = device id list;

    And now request has the string array set.
    I dont' know why isn't this a method "CreateRequest" or something.

    Still getting "no ad to show", but I'm going to look into that...

  • JorgeLimaJorgeLima USMember

    Ads are showing now. The problem? I was setting height = 0.

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