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OpenTK wondering how much is in Xamarin?

cshielcshiel GBMember

Trying to get my bearings here, but I am wondering how much OpenTK is part of Xamarin?
I have written some GIS systems with visualisation in OpenTK like 3D terrain viewing of DEMs and want to port my code to Xamarin and wonder how much is possible.

Is programmable pipeline or? How can I find information on where this at?


  • NeilWhitlowNeilWhitlow USUniversity ✭✭

    Here is some info I found when I was looking at a Monogame problem a while back.

    Xamarin OpenTK

    The Rodo Consolidate Branch appears to have the most recent activity, and was mentioned in that post. If Xamarin's most recent commits are anywhere public, maybe they are there?

    Would be great to hear from Xamarin folks if that's where the latest work is. The OpenTK folks seem to indicate that there is a TON of merge activity involved.

    But at the moment with your Xamarin install, it looks like both their custom 1.0 version and something like 0.9x are shipped.

  • SiliconStudioSiliconStudio JPMember

    Same, I noticed the branch (looks promising), but not sure if it's usable yet, and how to build it (no .sln/.csproj for Android/iOS).

    OpenTK seems quite active recently and it seems some work is being done with Xamarin ( Hopefully it won't take long. Can't wait to unify our OpenGL code!

  • NathanBoukNathanBouk USMember

    Does opentk work on all platforms? (Win/Mac/iOS/Android)?

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