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How to activate Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android?

Hi I am using Visual Studio 2012, how do I activate Xamarin Android and iOS. I can't find a way to enter the activation code.


  • brajkovicbrajkovic USXamarin Team, University Xamurai


    You'll need to create/open an iOS/Android project in Visual Studio to start the activation process. You'll need to be logged in to your Xamarin account.

    Hope that helps, Bojan

  • NewictNewictNewictNewict MYMember
    edited February 2013

    Thanks, just activated iOS by creating a new iOS project.

    But for Android, at first we could not activate Android by creating new Android project. Later we deleted monoandroid.licx, then only it can be activated.

    Also, is there anywhere in VS that show the products are activated? Seems like we can only know by running an app and see if it has nag screen.

  • JoeNathanJoeNathan USMember
    edited February 2013

    When I create a new IOS project I don't get an activation prompt. I do get this window Asking me if I want to change the target framework. I say yes and if keeps reappearing, finally I have to say no so a project is loaded. But the reference to monotouch.dll is not found (yellow exclamation) and if I go to project properties page no framework is selected. If I select monotouch if repeats the cycle where it asks me if I want to change the framework but it never actually changes it, and keeps asking me.
    On the visual studio tools menu, there is Xamarin account, so I click this to see... It asks me to login to xamarin account, so I click, takes me to a web page, I login or am already logged in, there is now a button Login to visual studio, I click it and visual studio Xamrain account window updates to say login to your Xamarin account, and the cycle repeats. So basically it does nothing and im sure this is not what its intended to do.

    Also in Xamarin studio, there is no support for Ios, loading an ios project it complains that the project type is missing. This has not been a good installation, any help resolving these issues is appreciated.

  • SeanBoyceSeanBoyce USMember

    I'm having the same problem as JoeNathan, to the point that Visual Studio (2010 SP1) crashes and restarts.

    What is it that we're missing?

  • MyLeMyLe USMember

    Hi, I use Visual Studio 2012, I have trial activation account but anytime I attempt to create iOS or android project the activation return incomplete error.

    Please help me out

  • JonathanPryorJonathanPryor USXamarin Team Xamurai

    @MyLe: Please email [email protected].

  • Hi,
    I have similar problems,
    I cannot login to my xamarin account through Visual Studio (so I cannot activate Andoid and IOS developpement). When I clic the button in tools>Xamarin Account menu, I get no login box but a message "You are not logged in"

  • RodneyFoleyRodneyFoley USBeta ✭✭

    For the record you guys do know this is the craziest way to register a product right?

    The logging in to your account from Visual Studio, and Xamarin Studio should allow for the activation prompt if not activated. Or once logged in to provide an Activate/Deactivate option in the menu.

  • meenakumarimeenakumari USMember

    I intalled free trail version XamarinInstaller in my local pc and used visual studio 2010 and os is windows 2008 R2 Enterprice. I can not able to open xamarin studio. Please help me for open the xamarin studio.
    Thanks in advance .

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