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Latest Visual Studio Tooling - Alpha

I have been using Xamarin VS for IOS for a while now and feel compelled to a few comments about the latest Alpha.

  1. I had delayed updating, due to the issues that folks had been seeing
  2. Regretting upgrading, yet again.
  3. The VS 2012 to Build server pairing is "very fragile"
    • if you have more that one copy of VS running, the pairing will loose its mind randomly
    • if you start a build, and the pairing gets "lost", visual studio hangs, requiring a task-manager KILL VS
  4. Debugging no longer works correctly
    • break points will break, but often on the wrong line
    • Any time you "mouse" over a variable, the IOS app crashes, and visual studio hangs, requiring a task manager KILL VS

I really think the overall concept is really good, but, as a business customer, we need to get the product a bit more robust - i.e. useful error messages, debugging working reliably etc
Additionally, I understand the team is busy, but better attention and response to the forums would be great.

Thks - Phil Harris


  • unarityunarity USMember

    Thank you for the post. I thought I was crazy but I am relieved because I am not only one with this weird problems.

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