Certification Exam via Videos instead of live classes

I'm not able to take all of the classes live, is there an option to take the certification test without registering for all the classes?

I've just gone through the entire Intro to iOS with Xamarin Studio video and felt quite comfortable following along on my own.

Any recommendations?

Thank you!


  • DanielHarmanDanielHarman USUniversity

    Yes this would be awesome. Finding time for the classes is pretty tricky and with a video you can adjust the pace etc.

  • JoeOcampoJoeOcampo USMember, University

    I was under the impression that this was an option. Is it not?

  • JoshUsovskyJoshUsovsky USMember, University
    edited February 2014

    I kind of thought so as well. I have a lot of obligations during normal business hours. And when do the classes even start? I received a "Welcome to Xamarin University" e-mail, but it never details how to find the classes. I signed up for this months ago. I don't even remember the dates of the classes!

    Update: Aha. I found the classes. I was in the wrong area. Wish this info had been distributed earlier.

  • DanielHarmanDanielHarman USUniversity

    I'm actually struggling to see what value the class structure adds. To be honest I'd be a lot happier with a properly edited video which I can watch at my convenience!

  • Stuart.CampbellStuart.Campbell USMember, University

    Would be nice to be able to catch-up on a class as well if something comes up and you can't make your scheduled class time

  • RichardHopkinsRichardHopkins JPMember, University ✭✭✭
    edited February 2014

    This is something of interest to me. I'll be getting up at 5.30am tomorrow morning in order to take a class starting at 6.00 as I live in east-Asia and my preferred time for study (early evening my time) is rarely available. I can't use my working hours to study, and many evening classes start at 10pm, which for the 3 hour classes means studying until 1am which probably isn't optimum for wide-awake attention.

    Although I'm keen to attend as many classes as possible (presumably there will be opportunities for questions/discussion which videos don't provide) being able to take everything is a bit of a challenge. The weekend classes are a huge bonus though, so kudos to Xamarin for providing them.

  • VivRajkumar.6029VivRajkumar.6029 GBUniversity ✭✭

    I had the same question and sent a query to "[email protected]" . This was the response

    "... You will be able to watch the January videos for the "optional" classes, for the required classes you must take the live version. ..."

    So we can skip live classes for only "optional" modules as far as the certification goes. For the rest, we need to attend the live versions.

  • DaveCarsonDaveCarson GBUniversity ✭✭✭

    @DanielHarman‌ Like you I that I can work along comfortably to well edited video sessions but having the ability to ask the trainer for clarification on certain points is very useful. Even if you don't have a question you can often pick something up from someone else asking something.

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