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Top and Bottom layout guides missing in interface builder

I'm trying to fix it so the navigation bar doesn't cover up the top of some of my screens.
I don't want to use the fix where you do: setUIViewController.EdgesForExtendedLayout = UIRectEdge.None

I've seen guides saying i should use top layout guide in the interface builder, so I've tried enabling the view to Use Autolayout, but the Top and Bottom Layout Guide constraints don't show up in my document outline.
Do i have to do something to make them appear?

I've included a screenshot of the document outline and the screen.


  • GeografGeograf DKMember
    edited December 2013

    Seems i fail at attaching images so I'll try again:

  • VifaniVifani ITMember

    I have found the same issue. When a new iphone view controller is created in Xamarin Studio, double clicking the xib file, the Interface Builder shows as top hierarchy object the View and not the View Controller. So, it's not possible to create a constraint with the top layout guide.

    Can anyone help us? I want to create this constraint within the Interface Builder and not programatically.

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