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October 29: Sydney Alt .NET User Group: 'MVVMCross & Advanced Async',Sydney, Australia

DarbioDarbio AUMember
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Hi all,

I spoke with Craig Dunn (conceptdev) just before he was heading off to the States, and he mentioned that he was thinking about starting up a Mono* user group here in Sydney.

Now that he's over the pond, I guess it's on the back-burner - so I was wondering what interest there is from people here in Sydney to meet up and have a chat about Mono and getting to know some of the other people who are into that kind of thing here in Sydney.

I work for a company in North Sydney who are happy to provide the location, all we need to do is get some people together and provide some nibbles and something to talk about!

If there is some interest, please leave a reply and I'll sort it out.

Here's some more info about me (the picture is ooooold..), and if you want to lend a hand organising that would be greatly appreciated!




  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    Forgot to say, the place I work for is directly above Albert's pub - so that might be a more suitable location (though the beer is more expensive!) ;-)

  • baramusebaramuse USMember, Beta ✭✭


    I'd be interested in attending!
    I'm based in Newtown and live in Manly

    I'm working with monotouch/monodroid for about 2 years now, at first on a tech survey basic.
    But now I'm using it every day and for every mobile project I launch.

    I'd be glad to share some experience with it!!


  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    Hi @baramuse - sounds good... Just 2 of us so far...

  • CraigDunnCraigDunn USXamarin Team Xamurai

    I know there are more Xamarin devs in Sydney than that! Sorry I can't make it :-|

  • baramusebaramuse USMember, Beta ✭✭
    edited November 2012

    I've had recruiters calling me just because of the "monotouch" keyword on linkedin (you know how they 'find' people...).
    Not a lot, but still, the word is spreading out there, that there is a technology able to (re)use .net development expertise to go mobile..
    Sometimes they just want to hear a little bit more about it, sometimes they already want you for that !
    So sure that's not just us two ;)

  • dermotosdermotos USMember

    Probably a bit late, just came across this. I'm also in Sydney (Surry Hills/CBD) and would be up for a meetup in the new year.

  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    Not too late - it's not been organised yet as there was only 2 of us, 3 now who have expressed interest.

    I'll sort something out in the New Year (probably just a meetup at a cafe or bar) and try and get a few more people interested along the way.

    Have a good Christmas!

  • AlecAlec AUMember, University

    Count me in - I've been keen to organise something like this for some time now, but haven't had the time. Also North Sydney based.

  • Keen if this is still on the cards. Work in CBD, live in Manly, but happy to meet in a pub/cafe somewhere in between!

  • baramusebaramuse USMember, Beta ✭✭

    @BenPhegan : same here, Manly -> CBD (, Newtown actually) everyday !

    Is that making... 5 of us ?! Enough for a Poker ahah!

    Maybe just a beer/coffee for starters could be a good idea, central location like the CBD ? There we will be able to plan international meetups ! ;)

    Maybe not this week because of the Anzac day, but next week ? Who would be in ?

  • BenPheganBenPhegan AUBeta

    Sure, lets see if we can organise something. Preferences for me:

    Mon/Fri = City after 17:00
    Tue/Wed/Thu = Manly after 17:30 (plenty of good venues by the wharf!!!)

    Flexible though, so keen to see what others can make.

  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    Hi guys - I now work near Sydney Olympic Park and live 'up North' near Hornsby.

    North Syd/CBD is probably best for me as I can jump on the train - Manly might be a bit of a trek (though I am a fan..). Milsons Point has a nice bar near Lunar Park.

    Can't do this week (ANZAC march at 04:15 on Thurs == me gone for the rest of the day), but next week should be good.

  • baramusebaramuse USMember, Beta ✭✭


    Next week yep, not tuesday for me, otherwise any days starting from 17h30 at CBD !
    Let's wait the other's availability then .


  • MarkFoleyMarkFoley AUMember, Beta

    I'd be keen for something like this also. I work in Sydney Olympic Park too and see James does as well. Could get into the city though if that's where most people are.

  • baramusebaramuse USMember, Beta ✭✭

    6 of us ? Let's definitively do it !

    How about a small doodle to spot the best day ?

  • MarkFoleyMarkFoley AUMember, Beta

    Haven't seen that doodle thing, very cool. Having looked at your doodle (ho, ho) it only covers a few days. I'm interstate mainly until w/c 20th. Any night but tuesday of that week works for me.

  • NarendraTumkurNarendraTumkur GBMember

    Hi Guys,
    I'm interested in coming along next time. Is there a meetup to register to?

  • RussKieRussKie AUMember ✭✭

    I work in CBD as well ;)

  • baramusebaramuse USMember, Beta ✭✭

    @MarkFoley : I've updated it to cover until the 15th of june.

    Folks, give your availability, we have to kick that up ! :)

  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    I'm still interested but Doodle is blocked at work... I will have a look when I get home.

  • MarkFoleyMarkFoley AUMember, Beta

    I've updated my availability. The balance of this week is no good but after that I'm fairly free.


  • IanJonesIanJones AUUniversity ✭✭

    Very interested in coming along. Based North Shore and North Ryde. Are you still thinking North Sydney venue and when?

  • DarbioDarbio AUMember

    This seems to be doomed... I'm now unavailable until the end of June. However, I am going to organise something for the end of June/beginning of July and see who turns up.

    If you are interested, please sign up here:

  • AlecAlec AUMember, University

    Hi all,
    The end of June is upon is.
    James - is your company still up for providing a location for a get together?
    If not then I suggest we pick up pub.

  • NickRandolphNickRandolph AUUniversity ✭✭

    Did this get anywhere? If so, when's the next meetup / If not, is anyone interested in resurrecting this idea?

  • I'd be willing to help get something started. Is anyone interested in organising in the next month or so?

  • TiagoBrunoTiagoBruno GBMember ✭✭

    Hi all. I just arrived in here and found what it looks like an event to get to know this software a but more, is it?

    I work in the CBD and my boss wants to start developing in mobile apps. We do develop in C# but we don't have much experience in mobile so I thought this could be a good tool.

    We are looking to check this software and we would like to attend to something that could give us more info about it.

    Can anyone help lead us?

    Thanks! ;)

  • GeoffreyHuntleyGeoffreyHuntley AUInsider, University ✭✭
    edited October 2013

    I'd be interested in seeing something get started. North Sydney based and am currently working on projects on .WindowsPhone and .iOS using the MvvmCross framework.

    I'm usually in (and from 9-5 AEST; maybe all the aussies jumping in there (or another channel?) could be the first step towards building up to an actual meetup.

  • GeoffreyHuntleyGeoffreyHuntley AUInsider, University ✭✭

    There will be a Xamarin meetup (specifically #mvvmcross) next week.

    October 29, 2013 at 6:00 PM.


    Thoughtworks - 51 Pitt St - #8


    Sydney, NSW 2000 - Australia

  • TiagoBrunoTiagoBruno GBMember ✭✭

    Nice :)
    Already registered!

    Thanks Geoffrey ;)

  • AlecTucker.2208AlecTucker.2208 AUInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

    I've chatted with Xamarin about this and have setup the following meetup group:

    Aiming for a get together towards the end of the month - details to follow.
    Looks like there are a few of us in Sydney - I'm looking forward to meeting you all.


  • AlecAlec AUMember, University

    There's a meetup in North Sydney on Feb 25th - see the link in my previous post for details. Hope to see you there.

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