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Which would be the right technologies to build an application similar to a taxi application?


I'm new to the Xamarin community. I salute you all.
Concerning my question, I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to build with Xamarin an application which consists of functionalities such as the following:

  • Identifying in real time the position of a device and displaying on a map
  • Consuming REST APIs

Basically, the requirement is to build a simple taxi application which has some basic functionalities to be available on iOS and Android.
I've never worked with any mobile technologies yet nor with Xamarin and I would like to know which Xamarin platform is more suitable and available for windows in order to develop an application with such capabilities.

Thanks in advance,



  • RaymondPauleyRaymondPauley Member
    Uber clone script will be the right technology to build your new taxi-hailing app for a fresh startup. Cloning Uber is not mean directly copying the entire application, which means that you will have all the enhanced features and options available with that famous brand to your new taxi app in the marketplace.

    Some of The Best Revenue Boosted Uber Clone Features:

    * Quick social media signup on the end customers app interface.

    * Real-time customers location tracking with clear navigation.

    * Optimized routeway selection for immediate reach to the customers.

    * Dedicated dashboard details for clean analytics on the business and its workflow.

    *Smart users’ management for having a hustle-free business sustain.
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