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OneSignal HandleNotificationOpened redirect the diffirent page

Hello in my project I use OneSignal for notifications. How can I redirect the different page from droid or ios project. I used passing parameter to LoadApplication(new App(bool launchFromNotification)), it works if app is working at background but it is not working when app is killed. How can I solve it?


  • icalderondicalderond USMember ✭✭

    ¿What happended with this issue? I have same doubt

  • DouglasSimoDouglasSimo USMember

    I am having the same problem with XF 5.0 and shell, it is happening because at the time you pressed it Shell.Current is still null

    so when you call: .HandleNotificationOpened(async (result) =>
    await HandleNotification.NotificationOpened(result);

    inside my HandlerNotificaiton I need need to validate before redirect: if (Shell.Current != null) still trying to figure out a different way to request the redirection like same in App.AnyProperty pass the data and at App on start then redirect

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