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Why am I not getting a .dSYM file when I build my iOS app?

BrienKingBrienKing USMember ✭✭

I have an App the has been submitted to Apple Play Store that they are failing because it's crashing on startup.

Works fine here so I need to get the .dSYM file so I can figure out where it's crashing. I have the crash report from Apple, I just need to figure out how to generate the file.

Using VS2019 on Windows, paired with a Mac for builds. Latest version of Xamarin.

I do an Archive of the App in Release Mode

In the build Log I am seeing this:

Directory "bin\iPhone\Debug\" doesn't exist. Skipping.
NoSymbolStrip Output: False
NoDSymUtil Output: false

I have to be missing something simple to get it to give the symbol file.

Any Help is greatly appreciated.

Brien King


  • bin_ascbin_asc Member

    This is happening to my client as well, dSYM packages are generated on a Mac, but never transferred back to the Windows build machine.

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