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Grid not input transparent?

dwrusselliidwrussellii Member ✭✭

So I've got a stack layout with a whole bunch of stuff in it including some buttons. Everything works fine. But on some devices, some of the information can get pushed off the bottom of the screen. Can't have that. So I change the stack layout to a grid (litteraly, that's all I'm doing) and boom, everything looks right and the information stays at the bottom where it belongs. But then all of the buttons stop working? Like the grid is now capturing the screen presses? I even set InputTransparent=true on the grid for giggles to no avail. Anyone know why a grid wouln't let presses through anymore but it's happy-go lucky with a stack layout? This is in android by the way. I'd try it out in iOS but I can't seem to get VS to connect to the mac anymore since the OS upgraded the other day.


  • dwrusselliidwrussellii Member ✭✭

    Did some more testing. I put a tap gesture recognizer on the grid. It's seeing the touches, no problem. But if I remove the recognizer and put it on any of the children of the grid, nope. Recognizer never gets called. It looks like the grid is just eating all the touches and not passing them down to its children. And a new VS version came out today, it fixed my mac connection problems. Seeing the same thing in iOS. What would cause a grid to eat all touch events?

  • PRopiaPRopia Member


    I've got this issue as well. I wrap the UI in a grid, and things don't work on iOS. Android is working fine for me.

  • Hello reporting in to say that I'm experiencing the same issue right now.

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