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The referenced component "..." could not be found

Lebio7Lebio7 Member ✭✭

Hello xamarin Friends, I have a big problem with my native Refernces. When I add native references and try to debug my xamarin project I always see warnigs like "Could not resolve reference " . How Can I resolve this problem ? I am using Visual Studio 2019(the latest version) .


  • urstenoffurstenoff Member

    @Lebio7, I've very new to Xamarin and this is the first thing I encountered. Have you resolved this issue?

  • JimmyJWJimmyJW Member

    If you are migrating your portable projects to standard .NET projects, be sure to have Xamarin.Forms version 3.2 or higher installed in your project. Installing Xamarin.Forms version 3.2 or later in your project will automatically install the required Android support libraries as a dependency. These libraries were installed as separate packages in the previous configuration of the portable project. So this results in multiple references to the same library.

    This results in a compilation error: "Unable to resolve reference Xamarin.Android.Support.Interpolator referenced by Syncfusion.SfDataGrid.XForms.Android and Xamarin.Android.Support.SwipeRefreshLayout referenced by Syncfusion.SfPullXFormresh .Android in the SfDataGrid and SfPullToRefresh controls, respectively.

    To resolve this issue, change the target Android version to 9.0 or higher than 9.0 in .NET Standard projects.

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