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Can anyone suggest PCL full text search engine which will work for all platforms?

GagikKyurkchyan.8683GagikKyurkchyan.8683 USMember ✭✭

Hi everyone

I've spent couple of hours trying to find full text search engine for my Xamarin app. The requirement is that it should be PCL and support all major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac). My searches resulted only two solutions
1. Lucene.Net which supposedly has PCL version. But I couldn't find much information about it, my feeling is that it's still in development process and I couldn't even compile cause I couldn't resolve nuget reference. There were no docs, no user feedback. And even bigger issue is that the profile that is configured for that PCL project doesn't include neither iOS nor Android. So, has anybody used Lucene.Net in PCL project? If not, have you used it for iOS or Android specific projects?
2. Second solution which I already knew was SQLite FTS engine. And again this doesn't suffice my requirements cause it won't work on Windows Phone.

I believe this is common task in the apps, has anybody any experience solving this issue? Do you know Framework which suffices my requirements?

Thanks for the answers!


  • javanthemanjavantheman Member ✭✭

    Hi... did you ever figure this out? Trying to do it with SQLite FTS. Doesn't work on iOS

  • kyurkchyankyurkchyan AMMember ✭✭

    @javantheman not really.... But i think you can try Lucene.Net It seems to support .NET Standard... Though I am not sure about performance implications on Mobile Devices.

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