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Syncfusion Essentials requires a license for its "free" version?

On the GitHub page ( and all over its promotional material Syncfusion says the Essentials UI package is free.

However after installing it my app nags me for a license, and there's apparently no way to make this nag go away permanently, so I have to refresh that license every 30 days.

IMHO "free" is not the same as "nag-ware".

Does anybody know if there's a way to use these tools that's actually free, and doesn't require constant re-licensing?



  • Selva_Ganapathy_KSelva_Ganapathy_K Member
    edited March 9


    Essential UI Kit source code published in GitHub with an MIT license. You can use this UI Kit pages in your application for free without any restrictions.

    But for the pages that use Syncfusion controls, you must get the licenses to use those controls in your application to avoid the license validation pop-ups. The Syncfusion provides free community licenses that provide access to all the Syncfusion products for individual developers and small businesses. Alternatively, you can replace the Syncfusion controls with the framework controls and use them to avoid getting any license issues.

    Note: I work for Syncfusion

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