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Capture panorama libraries

Do you know of any libraries that can assist in capturing a panorama, using the phone camera? I know only of the native DMD Panorama sdk (from dermandar), which I'm having trouble binding for Xamarin.

All the threads that I can find about this topic are quite old (even the DMD lib is old) which makes me think I'm not using the proper key words in my search.

Or that maybe there's a better way to do it now instead of taking multiple overlapping pictures and stitching them together? I'm thinking augmented reality kits maybe?

We still can't access the api that the native camera apps use to capture panoramas, right?


  • DermandarDermandar Member
    edited February 15

    Hello @Endarea

    Feel free to contact us at Dermandar (DMD Panorama) to check your need and provide you with the best solution and support

    We have many clients using our SDK and some of them were successfully able to integrate it with Xamarin,

    We are ready to help when required,

    Hope that helps,
    Dermandar Support

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