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How to communicate with devices using bluetooth without pairing from same Xamarin app

Sowri_MihirSowri_Mihir Member
edited November 2020 in General

I am new to Xamarin development. I wanted to know is it possible to read data using bluetooth among devices without pairing?
I will install Xamarin app on multiple devices. This app will store some data like, user name, email, phone number etc. I want to read this information from another device through bluetooth from same Xamarin app. During this process I don't want to ask user to pair with another device. Because, in a company if there are 100 employees, to communicate between devices among 100, every user need to pair for 99 times. So is there anyway to bypass this option?

I am using plugin


  • bijingtonbijington Member ✭✭

    It is entirely possible but it will ultimately depend on the device you are communicating with. Quite a number of devices don't require pairing with BLE however do note that only one device can connect to a device at a time

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