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How to choose the right tech stack for the taxi startup?


How to pick the right tech stack to launch the taxi startup?


  • TalissimoTalissimo Member ✭✭


  • RaymondPauleyRaymondPauley Member
    1. Search for the internet to select the best app development service company in the market. Choose your app development preference on how you are going to develop your business app whether from a direct app creation process from Scratch or a prebuilt clone app script.

    2. To have a better app development service experience with your taxi business startup, you can go for the Uber clone app script.

    3. Do your own analysis about the company you selected for your taxi app building process.

    4. Talk to their technical team for further clarifications on their services.

    5. If you okay with their payments and deals, just start your tie-up for further move.
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