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Intellisense does not recognize view in cs file

DacaramoDacaramo Member ✭✭

I'm trying to access the properties of a view (label) via the cs file. The label is declared in the XAML file and it has an x:Name and also a public field modifier. When i'm trying to access the property of the label Intellisense seems to not being capable of recognize the name of the view, so basically I can't reference the view via cs code.

Here's the XAML file:

And here's the cs file, where i'm trying to reference the view:

Note that both files are nested in the solution explorer and they share the same name. Also I have alredy clean and build the solution multiple times and have restart VS.

Thanks a lot for everyone that may help!!!


  • TruciferTrucifer Member ✭✭

    It happens to me sometimes. It happens to me sometimes. I usually just have to restart visual studio and it works. I use VS for Mac and this is one of many issues that I run into sometimes...

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