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Microsoft.NET.TargetFrameworkInference.targets Issue

shubham1shubham1 Member ✭✭✭

Hi Everyone,
I am facing the below issue while installing Visual Studio 2017 on MAC OS 10.13.6.

/usr/local/share/dotnet/sdk/5.0.100/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/targets/Microsoft.NET.TargetFrameworkInference.targets(5,5): Error MSB4186: Invalid static method invocation syntax: "[MSBuild]::GetTargetFrameworkIdentifier('$(TargetFramework)')". Method '[MSBuild]::GetTargetFrameworkIdentifier' not found. Static method invocation should be of the form: $([FullTypeName]::Method()), e.g. $([System.IO.Path]::Combine(a, b)). (MSB4186) (asd)

Please help me to resolve the issue.



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