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Msbuild:UpdateDesignTImeXaml error in multiples files after clone from visual studio git

Hi, fellows Xamarians
I have this trouble with clone to mac from visual studio git, after I did, multiples files who error when compiling IOs, show error UpdateDesignTimeXaml do not exist in the project,
also, other files show: MSBuild: UpdateDesignTimeXaml has been block

I follow multiples threat about something like that but no luck
what I did was:
1. Clean protect ( delete obj, bin)
2. Recompile
3. Compile
Change Built action to compile the file that shows that thing
clear, recompile, compile, go to built action, and put it right that it was. clear, recompile, compile.
no luck,
update all the nugget, same error,
Vs for mac version 8.8.4 (build 30)
xCode= 12.3
xamarin form:

thanks in advance if you know something

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