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Objective Sharpie - fatal error: 'map' file not found #include <map>

JohnnyLoJohnnyLo USMember
edited December 2020 in Xamarin.iOS

I want to use sharpie bind to create a ApiDefinitions.cs and StructsAndEnums.cs for a third party ios framework.

But I got fatal error: 'map' file not found #include <map> error from the header file that has line #include <map>. It seems that Objective sharpie is not able to use c++ standard library, even though I can compile the ios project with xcode IDE with no problem.

So how can I tell sharpie to use c++ standard library in the command?

This is the sharpie command I used
sharpie bind \ -output XamarinWideineCDM \ -namespace WideineCDM \ -sdk iphoneos14.2 \ ./widevine_cdm_secured_ios_tmux.framework/Headers/cdm.h \ -scope widevine_cdm_secured_ios_tmux.framework/Headers \ -v -c -F .

And this is the error and my sdk env screenshot.

Thank you for the help


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