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ImageCaptureCore marshal issue when linking

AressemAressem GBMember ✭✭


I'm trying to resolve an issue with ImageCaptureCore. I have code that works OK when linking is set to "Don't Link", but if I set to "Link Framework SDKs" then I encounter a marshalling issue with one of the callbacks.

public override void DidAddItem(ICCameraDevice camera, ICCameraItem item)

When this is triggered, I get the following exception:

Unable to marshal the parameter #2 whose managed type is 'ImageCaptureCore.ICCameraItem' to managed. Additional information: Selector: cameraDevice:didAddItem: Method: MyApp.CameraDevice:DidAddItem (ImageCaptureCore.ICCameraDevice,ImageCaptureCore.ICCameraItem)

The inner exception is:

{System.MemberAccessException: Cannot create an instance of ImageCaptureCore.ICCameraItem because it is an abstract class at System.Reflection.RuntimeConstructorInfo.DoInvoke (System.Object obj, System.Reflection.BindingFlags invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Bin…}

Looking at the declaration of ICCameraItem, it's declared as:

[Register ("ICCameraItem", true)] public abstract class ICCameraItem : NSObject

(but there are no abstract methods defined)

As I say, this works fine if the linker is set to Don't Link, which suggests something is being ripped out in the linking stage - is there a missing [Preserve] attribute in the ICC code?

I'm a little sketchy on my understanding of the Objective-C bindings so there might be a really simple solution to this that I'm overlooking, but I've tried lots of things and haven't had much luck. Any help would be appreciated!


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