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Android-Only App using XAML & .NET

njsokalskinjsokalski Member ✭✭✭

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I'll ask anyway. I am a UWP developer that is being forced to convert my apps to Android. I have been told that the best ways to do this are Xamarin or Uno. However, these are both designed to use a base project and subprojects for Android, iOS, and/or UWP. But my experience is that 99% of the code in the base project needs manually rewritten or overridden in the platform-specific projects in order for an app to run smoothly and use all the platform's capabilities, so I would like to create my Android apps using independent projects rather than base & platform-specific projects. My only requirements are that it allows me to use XAML & .NET for my code. What is the best way to create an Android app that is an independent project? Thanks.


  • XamDevSTXamDevST Member ✭✭

    Using Xaml and .NET your best bet is base & platform-specific because in so called independent Xamarin Project .NET code may be ported but android UI uses xml not XAML , moreover in future if you need to port to iOS base & platform-specific will be useful again.

  • SippetriqSippetriq Member

    Yeah the best choice would be base & platform-specific.

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