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Explaining Bindable Property Issue

Dear all

It looks like I do missunderstand something in bindable properties. I would appreciate if somebody could explain me, how to do it correctly and why it works like that.

Why does the Binding on the "MeetingControl for "Meeting.Subject" not work?

GitHub Link: [h]ttps://

I would appreciate your feedback and advise.

(If somebody would like to teach me one to one, I am willing to pay a fee for that learning.)

Thank you

Best Answer


  • XamDevSTXamDevST Member ✭✭

    Change binding in MeetingControl Page

    <Entry x:Name="SubjectEntry" Text="{Binding Subject}"/>

    and remove the binding context
    BindingContext="{x:Reference MyContentView}"

    @patrickrainer82 you can connect to me via my mail [email protected] for lessons

  • Hey tyagi

    Thank you for your response. Unfortunetely the bining in the control did not work as you proposed.

    What is working is handling the events in the control. I have checked out another branch for this.
    Is it not possible to use the "binding" functionality in the control itself?


  • @ColeX
    This is it. I thougt there is alwasy a strict hirarchy in binding through the controls, but now that you say it, it seems logical.

    I guess the Binding Context of the control is overwritten by the binding context of the content view if I implement the control.

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