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Xamarin.GooglePlayServices Ads Showing Warning

CaptainPriceCaptainPrice Member ✭✭
edited October 26 in Xamarin.Android

Hello in the Latest Update For Visual Studio When i Download and install nuget package this error showing

this warning to install some packages but when i Download The packages also visual studio showing warning to download because i have install Google Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Ads.
after i download all Required packages visual studio show warning :
ItemGroup XamarinBuildDownloadRestoreAssemblyAar is no longer supported. If your build is failing, revert to an older Xamarin.Build.Download version, or migrate your packages to use the new XamarinBuildDownloadAndroidAarLibrary ItemGroup. If your build is succeeding it is safe to ignore this warning.

i need help :neutral:
Thanks For Xamarin Members :smile:

Best Answer


  • LucasZhangLucasZhang Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    The warning for XamarinBuildDownloadRestoreAssemblyAar is actually saying that you have updated the XBD, but not the google libraries. The warning is just saying that it found the old way of doing something that was unreliable. The new way is improved, but the various packages need to update. However, it is just a warning as the old way is sort of converted to the new way so no loss of data/functionality occurs.

    Do you get any error when you build your application? If not, you can ignore this warning like the warning said.

  • CaptainPriceCaptainPrice Member ✭✭
    edited October 26

    When i Run Application Visual Studio Showing Brake Mode And Showing This Error
    Unable to get provider java.lang.IllegalStateException

  • CaptainPriceCaptainPrice Member ✭✭

    @LucasZhang said:
    You could post the issue to Help -> Send feedback ->Report a problem .


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