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iOS bindings to XCFrameworks?

SDolhaSDolha USMember

Last year, Apple has added support for XCFrameworks. But I see Xamarin Bindings doesn't yet allow me to add such an .xcframework resource as a Native Reference without complaining (wrongly, I assume, since there should be no issue reading the files): Error reading resource '[MyFramework].xcframework' -- 'Access to the path '[Path]/[To]/[MyFramework].xcframework' is denied.' (CS1566). Adding multiple frameworks inside the .xcframework directory does work, but since I'd add more with the same name, it would also complain about unicity, so the single resolution could be using a "fat" framework (which Apple does complain about if one tries to release apps using them without "thining" them back.)

Any plans from Xamarin team to support XCFrameworks directly? Or any ideas how we could create bindings that work on both iOS device and simulator with more ease?

Thank you!


  • Calico_JackCalico_Jack Member ✭✭

    I am experiencing this same thing. How do we create a iOS Xamarin Binding project with a XcFramework?

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