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Azure notification hub registered devices

MasterOfXamarinMasterOfXamarin Member ✭✭✭
edited October 2020 in General

How can I clear all registered devices from my hub. Probably due to that I dont receive notifications because limit is exceed

How can I manually delete all devices from portal ?


  • SergTomcatSergTomcat Member ✭✭

    One way is to open your notification hub in Service Explorer in Visual Studio

    Find your notification hub, open it, go to "Device registrations", select them and delete with "x" button.

  • SergTomcatSergTomcat Member ✭✭

    Another way is run Service Bus Explorer (
    Connect to your Hub Namespace using connection string (remember to provide connection string of NotificationHubNamespace, not NotificationHub itself)

    After connection find your notification hub, select "Get registrations" from context menu.
    Then you can select and delete registrations as many as you want.

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