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I am getting a rejection from the app store due to UIWebView

33Infinity33Infinity Member ✭✭
edited October 2020 in Xamarin.iOS

I have followed all the docs for this. My question is how to get rid of following warning for a brand new project since i believe this is the issue i am having in my regular project.

I have the following mtouch args - --optimize=experimental-xforms-product-type --warn-on-type-ref=UIKit.UIWebView --optimize=force-rejected-types-removal -warnaserror:1502 -warnaserror:1503

I am using Xamarin.Forms v4.8 and Xamarin.Essentials v1.5.3.2

I have been trying to get my app on TestFlight for two days with no luck.

I noticed there have been several similar posts on this and none of them appear to have a concrete solution.

Any help would be very much appreciated


Best Answer

  • 33Infinity33Infinity Member ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    The problem here turned out to be the HockeySDK.Xamarin package i was using which is apparently now deprecated. Upon removing this dependency and replacing with AppCenter the submission was approved. I figured this out by sheer luck so i am concerned about being in a hopeless place again in future where apple denies my submission with little to no clue of how i can fix.


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