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If I set Compile version to Android 10 (API 29) apk file doubles in size and does not install

LalitSuranaLalitSurana INUniversity ✭✭

I made a blank xamarin forms project. Added several nugets to it. No code was added. Default options remain as is in android project properties. Compiled it using Android 9.0 and released it via app center to my phone all works well.

If I just make 2 changes i.e. compile version to Android 10.0 and Target version to 10.0, the apk size goes from 47MB to 94MB. The app icon that used to appear next to the apk disppears on the phone. And now when I release it via app center to my phone, during install the it fails with the message

**1. Size has doubled from v11 (compiled used android 9) to v12 (compiled used android 10)

**2. Installation on phone now starts failing

I have spent a week recreating new projects and installing on actual devices. Each time the apk stops installing the minute I change the compile and target version to Android 10. Since Android 10 is mandatory come November 2020 in google play store, my app is set to come to an untimely death. Any help will be much appreciated.


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