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WatchOS fails

m2a2xm2a2x Member ✭✭

Can't run watchOS app after update to watchos7.
All builds show same error on any button press:

tag 0 doesn't exist in schema for class BKSHIDEventDigitizerAttributes
ould not decode attributes:Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=22 "Invalid argument" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=decode error: mystery error (at end) decoding class BKSHIDEventDigitizerPathAttributes}

Is anyone faced this problem?
Please help!!!
Thank you.

Best Answer


  • m2a2xm2a2x Member ✭✭
    Thank you @ismasantor, I was thinking for a moment that my project is dead now and xamarin is no longer supports watchOS.
  • VictorCavedaVictorCaveda USMember

    Having the same issue also. It can be reproduced with WatchOS samples, e.g.: WatchConnectivity

    I have opened an issue on Github:

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