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Xamarin Forms - Accessibility ordering when CarouselView control is used in a ContentPage (iOS)

skadookkunnanskadookkunnan Member ✭✭
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Again another question on the Accessibility! In my project, I have a page where it contains elements in the following structure,

        <StackLayout Orientation=Horizontal />  // Contains 3 elements.
        <CarouselView />                        // Usually contain minimum 3 elements (a single element in the CarouselView fits the entire page).
        <Grid />                                // Contains 3 elements.

For a disabled/accessibility user, we would like to have the option of navigating between the elements in a page by swiping right and left respectively. We have used the TabIndex property of the VisualElement to order the elements so that on swiping left and right the accessibility focus switches properly.

However, with the CarouselView present, the navigation does not work properly based on the ordering given. Once the focus goes to the CarouselView elements, it keeps continuing to the other views/pages in the CarouselView (this happens only in iOS, whereas Android correctly switches the focus to the Grid elements). According to the standards of Accessibility, the right/left swipe should not take the user to a context other than the current page elements.

Is there a way to make the ordering to switch properly from CarouselView's first view to the Grid elements in iOS?

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Sagar S. Kadookkunnan


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