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net5.0 solution with Xamarin.Forms (iOS, Android) project

firestarterfirestarter Member
edited September 2020 in Xamarin.Forms

Does the current preview of net5.0 (5.0.100-preview.8.20417.9) with Visual Studio 2019 preview (Version 16.8.0 Preview 2.1) supports a solution that contains a C# net5.0 library and a Xamarin.Forms project (iOS, android) that is using this net5.0 library project as reference?

screenshot of mentioned solution

To me the preview 8 - release info is a bit unclear in this direction.

...We expect to deliver the rest of the vision, largely focused on Xamarin (iOS and Android), with .NET 6.0. ...

Does this mean, the mentioned use case of my question will be supported with net6.0?


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