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Unable to get provider

gotstuckgotstuck Member
edited September 17 in Xamarin.Android

I'm trying to implement push notifications through Azure Notification Hubs. I'm using Xamarin.Forms and Visual Studio 2019.

I've made all the configurations:

  • Azure suscription;
  • Firebase configurations;
  • Created notification hub and all configurations;
  • Target Android version for the project is Android 9.0 (pie);
  • Added required NuGet packages;
  • Added the Google Services JSON File;
  • AndroidManifest.xml changed;
  • MainActivity changed to check for Google Play Services and stuff;
  • Added a FirebaseService class.

Then, when I run the app, after the splash screen I get this exception before any chance of debuggig.

Java.Lang.RuntimeException: 'Unable to get provider Unsatisfied dependency for component Component<[class]>{2, type=0, deps=[Dependency{anInterface=class, type=required, direct=true}, Dependency{anInterface=class, type=required, direct=true}, Dependency{anInterface=class, type=required, direct=true}, Dependency{anInterface=class android.content.Context, type=required, direct=true}, Dependency{anInterface=interface, type=optional, direct=true}]}: class'


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