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error while migrating to androidX

I am trying to migrate my project to androidX by using the option in menu. All support nuget packages are removed and andoridX packages are installed. When i try to build the project it throws an error:
/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild/Xamarin/Android/Xamarin.Android.Legacy.targets(5,5): Error XA2002: Can not resolve reference: Xamarin.Android.Support.Core.UI, referenced by CollectionView.Droid. Please add a NuGet package or assembly reference for Xamarin.Android.Support.Core.UI, or remove the reference to CollectionView.Droid. (XA2002)
i tried adding support packages again but I started getting another type of error.
Error AMM0000: is also present at AndroidManifest.xml:13:9-41 value=(@string/app_name).

How to resolve this one? TIA. @JohnMiller @Exoskeletor @tualatin @JohnHardman @JonDouglas @JamesMontemagno

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