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grep -r UIWebV is not giving the libraries that uses UIWebview reference.:XAMARIN

My ios app is rejected by Apple.
I have followed the recent documents to solve the UiWebview based rejection from Apple.
I am keeping the latest versions as mentioned in the documents.

While building the application I am getting a warning

I just want to find out the library/Nuget package that has UiWebview reference.
So from the google search, I am trying grep -r UIWebV in terminal

Methods I followed:
Method 1
Paste my project folder in the desktop
in Terminal cd ~/desktop
then grep -r UIWebV
The result is added below.I couldn't find any libraries.

Method 2
I have taken the path to the .ipa file
but cd myproject.ipa gives this output.

I am traped in this error.
I have released the android version and facing issue with ios release.
Can anyone help me in this.
Please :(

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