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ViewController's .designer.cs file not generated from storyboard

I'm working desktop application with Xamarin.Mac.

I added ViewController to the storyboard from library. I expect Visual Studio to generate .designers.cs, but in reality I don't see the file.

What I did and got

  • Opened the project in Visual Studio. From main.storyboard's context menu, Clicked Open from program > XCode Interface Builder.
  • Dropped View Controller into the storyboard from library.
  • Input "FooViewController" into Custom Class > Class of the ViewController I've dropped.
  • Hit Command + S to save main.storyboard
  • Focused on Visual Studio (I see a message like "Syncing change from XCode" on center top of the window but It's too fast to read completely. )
  • Checked Solution Browser on Visual Studio. I don't see any file named "FooViewController.designer.cs" nor "ViewController.designer.cs".
  • Checked Browser on XCode. I don't see any file named "FooViewController.h" nor "FooViewController.m".

Am I missing something?
Or is there any workaround?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

What I tried

  • Made sure that I typed ViewController name into Class (not Tag).
  • Made sure that I typed ViewController name into Class of the ViewController (not a View).
  • Restarted XCode.
  • Restarted Visual Studio.
  • Looked for .h and .m file with Finder.
  • Uninstalled Visual Studio 8.7 and installed Visual Studio 8.6.
  • Uninstalled XCode and installed XCode 10.2
  • Uninstalled Mac OS Catalina, Clean-Installed Mojave and recovered data from TimeMachine.
  • Changed class name of the ViewController, saved the storyboard, Changed the class name again, saved again and Rebuilded the solution on Visual Studio(

My Environment

  • Mac OS Mojave
  • Visual Studio for Mac Community 8.6.8
  • XCode 10.2.1


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