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How to set data of a Path line segment with bindable objects.

NanousisNanousis Member
edited July 22 in Xamarin.Forms

Hey I have this path line

<Path StrokeThickness="3" Stroke="PaleGoldenrod" StrokeLineCap="Round"
      Data="{Binding route}" />

the binding route is a string with the data "M90,220 C50,150 50,100 80,80". If I simply put this data as a string on the data it will work like normal and render the line but if I use it with the bindable context it fails. More over I can not do it manually via code since the is a geometry and does not take a string. Is there any way I can use this data from my object to the Path or do I need to make a geometry inside my class and set the points manually?
Thanks in advance.

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