January 25: Microsoft User Group Hyderabad Presenting Xamarin Meet, Hyderabad, India

ShravanKumarKasagoniShravanKumarKasagoni INMember, Developer Group Leader
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Microsoft User Group Hyderbad is hosting it's 2014 first UG Meet on 25th January at Broadridge, Hyderabad.


  1. Cross Platform, Native Mobile App Development Using Xamarin and C# - Shravan Kumar Kasagoni
  2. Creating a scalable and secure backend for your Windows, Android, and iOS apps using Azure Mobile Services - Pranav
  3. Building Cloud Connected Native iOS and Android Apps in C# - Nishanth Anil

If you are in/around Hyderabad please register here: https://mugh2014ugmeet-january.eventbrite.com/


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