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BLE scan on old devices

Gian15Gian15 Member ✭✭

Hi all,
I'm developing an applications to scan for iBeacon and read the ScanRecord data from them.
With Android 9/10 I have no problems, but with Android 6/7 I receive the first Callback, then nothing else from the same device.

_scanCallback = new HomeScanCallback();
                        settings = new ScanSettings.Builder().SetScanMode(Android.Bluetooth.LE.ScanMode.LowLatency).SetCallbackType(ScanCallbackType.AllMatches).SetMatchMode(BluetoothScanMatchMode.Aggressive).Build();
                        builder.SetManufacturerData(0x004c, new byte[] { });
                        filter = builder.Build();

bluetoothManager.Adapter.BluetoothLeScanner.StartScan(MainActivity.filters, MainActivity.settings, MainActivity._scanCallback);

Do you have any ideas to solve this?

Thanks a lot,



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