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How to crop an image based on a square overlay

ikreieikreie Member ✭✭

I have implemented a UI Image picker in my Xamarin project but would like to take it a step further. After the user selects the picture from the camera roll, I'd like for there to be an overlay in the shape of a square over the picture. The user can then drag the little square window around until the subject of the photo is in the square, and then they can crop it to that size. (kind of like the instagram feature when you go to choose a profile picture- except in my case I want it to be square)

How can I go about doing this? I'm not looking for anyone to hold my hand, just tips on how to get started without using some old outdated and unkept library. This is for a company so it's best if I don't use libraries. I looked into all of the libraries and they are either outdated or not what I'm looking for.

Any suggestions?

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