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advice needed please for newb

FarmhillFarmhill Member

advice needed please, I would like to develop an app for my home broadband router. It has a web interface but it's clunky to navigate. I would like to create an app to perform the simple router tasks over https. I'm not a developer but I'm hoping to learn by doing this app. I've seen many courses for React, Ionic, Flutter, Xamarin etc however I'm not sure which platform would be the best to achieve my goal. I also want to publish the app on the ios/android app stores. Please advise!! Thanks in advance


  • XamarinProblemsXamarinProblems Member ✭✭✭

    Answer: For this to be possible you would need to make sure you are able to connect to the router and that it has a documented API that you can use and push commands to via your https to accomplish whatever you intent to do. I highly doubt this is the case.
    Comment: The UI for basic routers are usually clunky and bad since the vast majority og users never use it. Investing time and money into making a good one isn't usually profitable.

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