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ScrollView on UWP: Mouse position not tracked correctly?

I noticed that my ScrollView on UWP does not seem to track mouse position correctly.
I make a long ScrollView using RequestedHeight="1000", and add a Checkbox.
If the ScrollView is scrolled, then the CheckBox tracks the mouse position at the unscrolled location.
Same problem with touch, coordinates are not translated to the scrolled location.
It works fine on Android.
What gives? Is there something I need to do for UWP specifically?

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  • larsvlarsv Member ✭✭

    @JohnHardman said:

    It's a known bug in XF 4.7 . See

    There have been issues around ScrollView on UWP for a while. However, this one is a real humdinger. It makes XF unusable for UWP apps IMHO. Apparently a fix has been checked in today, but no indication yet when it will be rolled out in a "stable" release.

    I ended up downgrading XF to 4.5 again because of this bug.

    Bummer. Thanks for the update.
    And good that it's getting fixed, pretty rapidly from the looks of it.
    I'm at a stage of development where I can afford to wait a few weeks before ScrollView becomes important, so I'll just be patient.

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