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How to make a squared image to a round image on xamarin forms ?

SJ-87SJ-87 USUniversity ✭✭

Is it possible to make a round image on Xamarin Forms of a squared image. I have a lot of images which should be displayed as a circle on ListView along with its name etc. But how can I do this?



I tried like this, but it is not working and it threw an error "Type ImageBrush not found in xmlns"

Best Answer


  • SJ-87SJ-87 USUniversity ✭✭
  • AmayindiLynnAmayindiLynn USMember ✭✭

    Check out Xam.Plugins.Forms.ImageCircle

  • Tam66662Tam66662 Member

    @Koboki Your answer keeps the Image "square" inside of the round Frame. I tried setting both the Frame and the Image's HorizontalOptions and VerticalOptions to "FillAndExpand", and also tried setting the Image's Aspect to "AspectFill" and "Fill", but nothing worked. Is there a way to fill the image inside of the available space of the round Frame?

  • Kcops11Kcops11 Member
    edited June 29

    I know this post is really old but just in case anyone else comes here looking for an answer @Koboki solution will work you just need to make sure that your frame padding is set to 0. Here is an example from my current project:

            <Frame x:Name="userFrame" HasShadow="False" WidthRequest="128" HeightRequest="128" CornerRadius="64" 
               <Image x:Name="userAV" Source="{DynamicResource currentAVI}"/>

    Result :

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