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ListView Performance

riricardoriricardo Member ✭✭
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Ok, so I was testing my application and I've noticed that in my listview when I have itens, like images or labels and this item has a GestureRecognizer ataching a command through a binding the scroll suffers a big decrease in performance. If I just remove the GestureRecognizer from my xaml the performance is acceptable, but with the command bindings the performance becomes laggy. I'm using MVVM. Has anyone experience the same? Maybe someone will ask for a piece of code, but I'm using only a class with some strings and a command and doing the binding to the xaml, nothing fancy. I've tested the Command binding to something null and the issue persists. Also, this doesn't seem to happen in the Tapped property, but how would I use it with MVVM (if possible of course)?


  • riricardoriricardo Member ✭✭

    Ok, that seemed to hapen in the debug only, maybe is becouse of the dynamic reload of xaml then.

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