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About SKIASHARP canvas.Scale

Techno_DevelopTechno_Develop Member ✭✭✭

If you have a 100x100 image,
When set to canvas.Scale(2), 200x200, which is twice the size of a 100x100 image, is displayed.

・In this case, is the coordinates of the upper left corner unchanged and is it expanded from the upper left corner?

・If you draw a circle in the center of a 100×100 image (50×50), and if you do canvas.Scale(2), the circle will be written to 100×100, but canvas.Scale If you want to display in 50 x 50 even in case of (2), is it okay to calculate with height 200/4 and width 200/4?

The explanation may be difficult to understand, but please tell me.


  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    For this, you can refer to this thread:

    You can refrer the following code:

    if (resourceBitmap != null)
                // Create new SKIMmageInfo object using values from canvas info object
                SKImageInfo resizeInfo = new SKImageInfo(info.Width, info.Height, info.ColorType, info.AlphaType, info.ColorSpace);
                // Test whether there is more room in width or height
                if (Math.Abs(resourceBitmap.Width - info.Width) > Math.Abs(resourceBitmap.Height - info.Height)){     
                    // More room in width, so leave image width set to canvas width
                    // and increase/decrease height by same ratio
                    double widthRatio = (double)info.Width / (double)resourceBitmap.Width;
                    int newHeight = (int)Math.Floor(resourceBitmap.Height * widthRatio);
                    resizeInfo.Height = newHeight;
                else {   
                    // More room in height, so leave image height set to canvas height
                    // and increase/decrease width by same ratio                 
                    double heightRatio = (double)info.Height / (double)resourceBitmap.Height;
                    int newWidth = (int)Math.Floor(resourceBitmap.Width * heightRatio);
                    resizeInfo.Width = newWidth;
                var resizedBitmap = resourceBitmap.Resize(resizeInfo, SKBitmapResizeMethod.Box);
                canvas.DrawBitmap(resizedBitmap,info.Width / 2 - resizedBitmap.Width / 2, info.Height / 2 - resizedBitmap.Height / 2);
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