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Is it possible to take a selfie of user without his knowledge?

Ruvi1996Ruvi1996 Member ✭✭
edited June 2020 in Xamarin.Forms

I have a requirement for a app that needs to take a photo of the user without him knowing. I know this sounds bad, but actually this is doing for a security reason. To be specific it is an app that user must use before entering a door. It is to keep track of people who comes through that door in this pandemic season.

Is it possible to do this with Xamarin Forms?

An idea that I came up with is to open the front camera with an overlay of 1 opacity and do this while what user sees is just a loading screen, but it will take a selfie and stores in the device. What do you all thinking? Is it possible to do with Media Plugin? Please help me sort this out


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited June 2020

    No, it's impossible.
    Camer usage needs the user's permission.
    And we should not take pictures without the user's notice. It violates the user's privacy.

  • Ruvi1996Ruvi1996 Member ✭✭

    @LandLu But there are many security apps that has this feature already. Those apps take a photo if user enters a wrong pin. I have mentioned why this has to be done. Even the ATMs has cameras. This app is also going to be in a kiosk.

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